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Betty Boop

Regarding PR/promotion, can you send us background on BM Fashions:


Fashion UK has been in the Licensing Industry for 18 years and a fashion element has always been at the heart of all of our products.

We are based in UK, with 50 people in our head office, with a 7 strong design team in UK, supplemented with a graphic design studio based in Mumbai. In a fast moving industry, we have always endeavoured to move with current trends.


How/why they became involved in app development:


During the last 4 years , the company has built up considerable knowledge of the "apps industry" by working closely andsometimes exclusively with some of the biggest games in the industry - Angry Birds , Temple Run , Subway Surfers , FlappyBird, to name a few.

Being a long standing Betty Boop fashion apparel licensee, and our desire to always move with industry trends, the opportunity tocreate this fashion led app game seemed too good to miss.  


Target and strategy for marketing the game plus a brief description of the game action:


The initial game objective played on the idea of an everyday, time pressured scenario that tested girls and ladies to dress themselves in a coordinated and appropriate manner, while under the time pressures of daily life, such as catching the bus, getting to work, or going out. Thus being able to improve their own abilities at being a stylist, under timed pressure.

The target customer is actually as wide as Betty Boops fan base, spanning all ages, although the core age group is between 10 to 25 years of age.  Therefore the initial marketing strategy starts with Betty Boop’s own official Face book following, followed by an extensive PR campaign, spanning fashion magazines to social media.



Best Wishes from Fashion UK

Gurdev Mattu

M.D. Fashion UK


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